Search for boy, aged 4, and foster parents

A four-year-old boy has gone missing with two adults who were looking after him, police said today.

Detectives are searching for the child, called Kanan, who was being fostered by Darren Langton, 40, and Marcia Langton, 46.

The boy had been living in the Grosvenor Road area of Skegness, Lincolnshire, and was supposed to be returned to the care of children's services in an east London borough on Tuesday.

But Mr and Mrs Langton failed to meet social workers to hand him over and appear to have left the address, Lincolnshire Police said.

Detectives believe the couple, originally from the Doncaster area, might have travelled to another part of the country.

Social workers are assisting with the search.

Mr Langton is described as white, of slim build with short dark hair.

Mrs Langton is black, of average build with collar-length dark hair.

Kanan is of dual heritage, has short dark hair, brown eyes and a slim build.

Detective Inspector Andy Wardell said: "We are now becoming anxious to trace these people and our absolute primary objective is to ensure the safe return of Kanan to children's services.

"We have concerns for Kanan's wellbeing and are wishing to hear from anyone who has any information regarding his current whereabouts."

* Anyone with information is asked to call 0300 111 0300 quoting incident number 109 of August 31 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.