Shafilea's father 'was the last to see her alive'

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A mother accused of murdering her daughter because she brought shame on the family has denied killing the teenager, a court has heard. Farzana Ahmed, 49, and her husband Iftikhar, 52, are on trial at Chester Crown Court charged with killing their daughter Shafilea, 17, in 2003.

Yesterday, the court heard evidence from Mrs Ahmed who spoke with the aid of an interpreter.

Mukhtar Hussain, QC, defending Mrs Ahmed, asked: "Did you kill Shafilea, your daughter?" Mrs Ahmed responded: "No." She said the last time she had seen Shafilea was on 11September 2003. Mr Hussain said: "And who was the last person to see her alive on September 11?" The defendant replied: "My husband."

The couple allegedly murdered their daughter because her conduct was bringing shame on the family. Mr and Mrs Ahmed both denythe charge.