Shocking video captures moment drunken man violently pushes female officer on to train tracks

Just minutes earlier same man had racially abused ticket inspector at Manchester train station

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Shocking footage has captured the moment a man violently pushed a slightly built female police officer onto train tracks after accusing a ticket inspector of working for “al-Qaeda”.

Kevin Pythian was captured on Manchester’s Oxford Road station’s CCTV after he arrived in an intoxicated state on 17 February at around 8.55pm.

The 32-year-old, who is believed to have started drinking earlier that afternoon, verbally abused ticket inspector Narinder Singh after the inspector questioned his lack of ticket.

Pythian replied: “I’ve got my ticket, I want to see you ID,” and continued: “I know you’re Indian. I want to see your ID. As far as I know you could be al-Qaeda.”

CCTV cameras then captured Pythian jumping across the busy station’s train tracks before eventually being cornered by the 36-year-old police officer.

During the confrontation, the officer attempts to subdue Pythian and they can be seen grappling. The situation appears to calm down with the two talking as a train worker arrives at the scene.

Suddenly, Pythian lunges at the officer and aggressively shoves her off the platform and onto the train tracks. The force of his attack sends the slight-built officer flying through the air before an obviously painful landing.

The officer was left with a serious cut to the head and a broken finger, as well as cuts and bruises. She remains off duty from her injuries, the Daily Mail reports.

Pythian, who was recently released after serving part of a 10-year sentence for his role in an armed robbery in Wales in 2009, expressed remorse to the court.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Minshull Street Crown court yesterday for a series of offences, including two counts of assault, endangering rail safety and racial harassment.