Shrien Dewani trial: Victim’s family asks accused to tell all


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The family of the honeymoon murder victim Anni Dewani has begged her accused husband to “tell the world what happened the night she died”, with the case against Shrien Dewani teetering on the verge of collapse.

Tensions between the British businessman and his late wife’s family ratcheted up a notch at a press conference in South Africa, when her brother Anish Hindocha implored Mr Dewani to take to the witness stand and tell his story about her death in 2010 for the first time.

“It would be a terrible development if we and the people of South Africa are not afforded the full story, Mr Hindocha said in a statement.

“If they are not given the full facts, and by that I mean Shrien Dewani telling the court his version, then Anni’s death will remain on the conscience of South Africa forever.”

Judge Jeanette Traverso is due to decide on Monday whether to throw out the case against Mr Dewani, following an application  from the defence that the prosecution’s argument was weak, inconsistent and based on the testimony of unreliable witnesses.