Sister of man killed in London helicopter crash is burgled as she mourns his death


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The sister of a pedestrian killed in the London helicopter crash this week had her home burgled while she mourned his death with her family.

Amanda Wood, who returned on Thursday night to find her back door kicked in and her drawers raided for jewellery, said: "It's horrible. It has been the worst week of my life."

Her brother, Matthew Wood, 39, died after suffering severe burns and a leg injury when he was hit by debris while walking to work at around 8am on Wednesday morning, a post-mortem determined today. Pilot Pete Barnes, 50, also died from multiple injuries after his helicopter clipped a high-rise crane and fell to the ground. Mr Barnes, who lived in Mortimer, near Reading, had more than 20 years' flying experience

Ms Wood, who said Matthew was a "big guy with a big heart", was at her brother Darren's house "so the family could all be in one place to give each other support" at the time her home in Carshalton, Surrey, was raided. A neighbour called her to inform her of the burglary.

"It's absolutely gutting," she told the BBC.