Son murdered his 'controlling' father

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A law student murdered his "controlling" father and buried his body in concrete, a jury found yesterday. Mark Alexander, 22, killed his father, Samuel, after suffering under "the weight of his expectations".

The former university lecturer, 70, who was ambitious for his son and disapproved of him having a girlfriend, was found with skull damage. His body had been put in plastic bags and buried in concrete in the garden of the family home at Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire.

The remains were found when police searched the property in February, but it is thought Mr Alexander was killed as long ago as August. His son, who studied law at King's College London, killed his father so he could escape his influence and "lead the life he wanted to lead", Reading Crown Court was told. He claimed his father was still alive and living with friends in London, even sending Christmas cards in his parent's name to keep up the pretence.

Alexander, who denied murder, unlawful disposal of a body and perverting justice, will be sentenced tomorrow.