Sonnex free to kill when he should have been in jail

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Dano Sonnex was free to kill two French students when he should have been in prison, it can be revealed today.

Here is a timeline of the key dates in the case.

* March 2003

Seventeen-year-old Dano Sonnex is jailed for eight years for robbery, wounding with intent and assault.

* May 2004

Sonnex tells a doctor in Portland Young Offenders Institution in Dorset he feared his reaction to events meant he "could kill". But the information was kept on his private medical records and not passed on to prison or probation staff.

* July 2006

Sonnex is refused parole for the first time. While in prison he had 41 rulings against him for violence, drug abuse and setting fire to his cell.

* September 2007

His second parole request is refused.

* October 2007

A Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (Mappa) team discusses the case, but when Sonnex is finally released he does not come under Mappa, which monitors serious offenders.

* 8 February 2008

Sonnex is released on licence. He is assessed as medium risk despite an earlier assessment that he is a high-risk offender.

* 11 February

He is arrested over claims he tied up a pregnant woman and her partner and threatened them. The pair are too terrified to give evidence and no action is taken by police or the probation service.

* 23 April

Sonnex is arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods, charged and remanded into custody at Belmarsh prison the following day.

* 3 May

His probation officer, based in Lewisham, begins filling in the paperwork required to recall him to prison for breaching his licence.

* 16 May

Sonnex is bailed by Greenwich Magistrates' Court.

* 13 June

Sonnex's licence is finally revoked, and police are told to arrest him.

* 23 June

Sonnex breaks into the New Cross flat where Laurent Bonomo lives and steals a laptop.

* 29 June

Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez are murdered at Mr Bonomo's bedsit in the early hours of the morning. Later that day police call at Sonnex's home to arrest him but he is not there.

* 10 July

Sonnex is finally arrested, two days after he becomes a suspect in the killings.

* 4 June 2009

Sonnex is found guilty at the Old Bailey of the murders of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez.