Story behind failed bombings and airport attack

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26 June

Mohammed Asha first travels to the UK from Jordan and trains at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.

Over the next three years he is given visa extensions to undertake language and medical exams and eventually granted a work permit under the highly-skilled migrant programme in June 2006.



Kafeel Ahmed, studies for a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University, moves to 205 Gilbert Road, Cambridge. Bilal Abdulla also travels to Cambridge to study medicine and lives in Chesterton Road. The two men meet during this time and are introduced to Asha in January 2005.



Asha is employed for two months at the Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli, South Wales. In August he moves on to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where he remains as a junior doctor for a year.


Kafeel Ahmed returns home to India citing an illness in the family and travels to China, Paris and Saudi Arabia.


Kafeel Ahmed travels to the UK twice to carry out laboratory test work.



Abdulla lives at 51 Spalding Way, Cambridge, for the next seven months.


Abdulla joins Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Greenock, until 5 December. He then moves to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.

Asha joins the North Staffordshire NHS Trust and moves to a rented home at 4 Sunningdale Grove, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme.



Asha meet Abdulla in Preston and gives him a mobile phone. The two men often phone each other and meet up.


Abdulla regularly chats online with Ahmed who is in Bangalore. The men discuss renting a house, money and Asha.

27 April

Abdulla views 6 Neuk Crescent, Houston, near Glasgow, and agrees to let the semi-detached property. It is later transformed into a bomb factory.

5 May

Kafeel Ahmed flies from Mumbai to London Heathrow and is met by Abdulla. They hire a car and travel to Scotland via an overnight stay at Asha's home.

17 May

Kafeel Ahmed and Abdulla travel to London where they travel around on tourist buses and stay overnight at the Newham Hotel, east London. They are caught on camera circling central London late at night in a hire car.

25 May

Electrical components are ordered in Abdulla's name and over the next few weeks a string of purchases for bomb materials are made by Kafeel Ahmed at hardware stores across the North West and in Scotland.

2 June

Kafeel Ahmed purchases a green Mercedes for £700 from a private vendor in Warrington, Cheshire. Over the next week he uses cash to buy a white BMW, followed by a silver Mercedes, blue Mercedes and a green Jeep Cherokee. All the cars were advertised in Autotrader.

28 June

Two of the Mercedes cars, each loaded with petrol, gas canisters and nails, are driven from Scotland to London by Abdulla and Kafeel Ahmed.

29 June

Shortly before 1.30am, a green Mercedes, driven by Abdulla, is left outside the busy Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket. The second blue car, driven by Kafeel Ahmed, is parked at a bus stop in adjacent Cockspur Street.

Both vehicles also contain mobile phone detonators. The green car is quickly discovered and made safe by bomb squad officers.

The second is towed to a car pound in Park Lane where it is found and made safe several hours later.

Abdulla and Kafeel Ahmed spend the night at the Newham Hotel, east London, before returning to Neuk Crescent on public transport, via a brief meeting with Asha outside his workplace in Stoke.

30 June

About 6.30am: Ahmed and Abdulla travel to Lock Lomond. They pray and prepare for the attack. Ahmed texts instructions to his brother Sabeel to access his will.

3.13pm: Ahmed drives the Jeep Cherokee, heavily laden with petrol, gas canisters and nails, into the main terminal building at Glasgow Airport.

Abdulla, who was sitting in the passenger seat, throws petrol bombs and fights with police and bystanders in the resulting chaos.

Some time after 4pm: Sabeel Ahmed views his brother's will, saved in a draft folder on an internet email account. He is later arrested at Liverpool Lime Street train station.

9pm: Asha is arrested as he drives south on the M6 with his wife and young son.

6 July

Abdulla is charged with conspiracy to murder and to cause explosions.

15 July

Sabeel Ahmed is charged with possessing information that could have prevented an act of terrorism.

19 July

Asha is charged with conspiracy to murder and to cause explosions.

2 August

Kafeel Ahmed dies from burns suffered during the Glasgow Airport attack at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.


11 April

Sabeel Ahmed admits withholding information from police about the Glasgow Airport attack and is deported to India.

9 October

Abdulla and Asha go on trial at Woolwich Crown Court.

16 December

Abdulla is convicted of conspiracy to murder and to cause explosions. Asha is acquitted of the same charges.