Suffolk manhunt: To catch a killer

A massive manhunt is under way to find the murderer of five women in Suffolk. What clues have the police unearthed so far?
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Gemma Adams and Tania Nicol were left naked in a stream, making DNA recovery difficult. But the other victims, although also naked, were dumped more quickly. Any DNA recovered can be matched to database of offenders.


Experts are scouring CCTV footage around the red-light area. Tania Nicol has been spotted on footage on 30 October, when she went missing. Police are searching for a blue BMW, which Anneli Alderton got into. Cameras on the A14 and A12 are vital.


Psychologists believe the killer is a white male, aged 25-40. He is calm, organised, plausible and intelligent. He may be a loner with sexual problems. If married, he may have a job with unsociable hours, perhaps a driver. An accomplice could be involved.


Analysts are examining the telephone records of the five victims. If the killer has switched off - or on - any of their mobile phones, the police should be able to tell where. Signal strength from masts allows triangulation, helping police pinpoint the killer's movements - and possibly the murder location.


Police want the 40 prostitutes in the area to come forward with any information, particularly those who knew the victims. They are also considering an amnesty on previous offences.


Police are warning punters in the Ipswich area that they must come forward - or they will come looking for them. They are looking for evidence of any unusual, or violent, behaviour. A large number of the calls police have received are believed to be from clients.

Previous cases

Five other women have been murdered in the area over the past 14 years. Three were prostitutes. Three were strangled. Two bodies were not recovered. Police are looking at possible links. They are also interested in violent offenders recently freed from prison, and are cross-matching dates.


The location of the bodies suggests the killer knows the area well. He may be local, or a lorry driver as the A14 leads to the port of Felixstowe. The last victims were dumped close to a road, suggesting the killer was in a hurry. He may have been disturbed, or growing careless.