'Supercop' arrests 500 people in a year

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A sergeant has made more than 500 arrests in 12 months – a rate of more than two for each working day.

Ali Livingstone made 524 arrests between April 2008 and March 2009. The average arrest rate for police officers in England and Wales is just nine a year, according to one study. The remarkable record put Sgt Livingstone, 27, at the top of a chart compiled by the Police Review magazine. He was followed in second place by an unnamed Nottinghamshire officer who made 393 arrests, while PC Mac Maguire, based in Cumbria, held 250 suspects.

Sgt Livingstone, who works in Ipswich, joined the force at 18. He says his colleagues call him "supercop"; but claims that his success is simply down to arriving at work early and getting out of the office.