Support to be rallied for terror laws

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Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, said the publicity drive would demonstrate that Britain was not at "one far end of a spectrum" on the subject, but civil liberties groups countered by pointing out that there are more than 200 pieces of anti-terrorism legislation on the statute books.

Ministers face fierce opposition next month against moves to allow the detention of terrorist suspects without charge for up to 90 days and to ban the "glorification" of terrorism.

British embassies have been compiling information on how other countries have responded to the terrorist threat. Their conclusions will be published next month. Mr Straw said: "What that will show is not that we are at one far end of a spectrum, but that a number of other countries who are ... are able to take tougher action against terrorist suspects than are we."

* The head of London's anti-terrorist operation has warned that terrorists are planning further attacks on the capital. Met Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman told The Guardian that the city is now a "prime target". He said that Scotland Yard is tracking suspects.