Suspected thief stung by wasps attempting to hide from police in bush

The man had allegedly attempted to steal a fish tank

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A suspected burglar in Leeds had to be treated in hospital after he was stung by angry wasps as he attempted to hide from police in a bush.

Police arrested the man as part of an investigation into a raid on a furniture store in the city.

Officers found the man in a bush, where he had disturbed a nest of the vicious insects.

West Yorkshire Police's Leeds Inner South Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) posted on Facebook: “A male has been arrested after breaking into business premises in Hunslet tonight.

"The male however is currently in hospital after making the unfortunate decision to hide from the police in a bush and thus disturbing a wasps' nest."

The suspect was taken to hospital before he was charged in connection with the theft of a fish tank from The Range store on the Tulip Retail Park in Hunslet. He appeared before magistrates on Tuesday.

“Just for information the male who was part of the 'sting' operation at The Range has been charged with burglary,” the NPT posted on Facebook.

They added: "You will be pleased to know his swellings have gone down."

The police's Facebook postings have prompted a wave of responses poking fun at the suspect. ”Is that what's called a sting in the tail lol," wrote one user.

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