Tails and manes of 15 horses hacked off by intruders in Scottish field

Police have not yet found a motive for the attack in North Lanarkshire

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More than a dozen horses have had their tails and manes hacked off by intruders at a Scottish farm.

The owners of Waterhead Farm in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, were horrified to discover their animals had been mutilated overnight on 7 November.

Although the 15 horses were not injured in the attack, tails can take up to a decade to grow back and docking has been banned in the UK since 1949.

Police have not stated a possible motive for the bizarre crime or said whether it was a deliberate attack, theft or mindless vandalism.

Officers are warning horse and pony owners in the area to be vigilant after the incident.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “We received a report of 15 horses having parts of their tails and manes cut off.

"It is believed to have taken place overnight when the horses were out in the field, near Waterhead Farm in Cumbernauld. Inquiries are continuing."

Horsehair, often imported in bulk from abroad, is widely used in upholstery, fishing lines, violin bows, belts and brushes.

The attack earlier this month was not the first on horses in Scotland, according to the Glasgow Evening Times.

Two horses had their forelock and manes hacked off in the space of a week in the Lothians and in 2012, one animal was targeted in the Bonally area of Edinburgh, and another in West Lothian.