Tappin granted $1m bail ahead of arms trial in US


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The British businessman accused by the US of selling weapons to Iran has been granted bail and could be freed this week.

Christopher Tappin, 65, of Orpington, South-east London, is expected to be released from a detention centre in New Mexico.

Mr Tappin, who lost his two-year battle against extradition to the US, denies trying to sell batteries for surface-to-air missiles which were to be shipped from the US to Tehran via the Netherlands.

He claims he was the victim of entrapment in a "sting" organised by US government agents. He was ordered to pay a bond of $1m (£620,527) including a $50,000 sum paid for by his family. District Judge David Briones also ordered that Mr Tappin live at the home of his US defence attorney, Dan Cogdell, or stay within a five-mile radius of his house while he awaits trial in El Paso, Texas. Mr Tappin faces 35 years in prison if convicted.