Target was 'ladies' night' in popular club

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Tiger Tiger, a bar and club on Haymarket which is frequented mainly by twenty-something partygoers, has a reputation as "the place to pull in town".

The over-21s club, opposite the Trocadero complex on Piccadilly Circus, bases much of its popularity on its early-evening "happy hours". When the alarm was raised in the early hours of yesterday, Tiger Tiger had been holding what it calls its Sugar 'n' Spice night. Described as "the finest ladies' night in London", the event was "for women by women featuring Lady H on the decks".

Alexia Albani, 34, was in the bar. "It was pretty crowded," she said, adding that many of the people there were drunk. "I'd say there were at least 500 people - it would have been horrible if it had gone off."

The venue, which holds 1,170 people at maximum capacity, opened in 1998. The Haymarket club is the flagship of a chain with branches in Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. The chain's website claims the bars are famous for stylish cocktails, but an online review of the club told punters to: "Avoid, unless you're not fussy about who you wake up next to on Saturday mornings".

Tom Williams, 23, who visited once, said: "It thinks it's very upmarket and everyone goes there because they think it will be, but it just doesn't live up to it. Just expensive drinks that aren't actually that good."

"It's a bit dirty", said Adam Merrett, 22, an accountant, "and the bouncers are overly fussy, considering the kind of place it is."