Teenage rapist jailed for nine years

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A young man was jailed for nine years today for dragging an 18-year-old woman off the street and raping her.

Billy Hammond, 19, was told he showed no mercy to the teenager after raping her three times in Greenwich, south London, in March.

The court was told that the girl was walking home alone and looking for a bus stop, when she asked a stranger for a light.

Old Bailey Judge Paul Worsley told him: "You threatened her with a beer bottle and forced her into a construction site where she was at your mercy.

"Mercy was not what you showed her."

The judge said after the 40 minute ordeal in the early hours of the morning, Hammond followed the terrified teenager to a mini-cab office to frighten her into not reporting him.

"Although she was not physically restrained and there was no injury, she is undoubtedly scarred by events that night," he added.

Hammond, from Greenwich, was found guilty in August. He was jailed for nine yours for each offences, the sentences to run concurrently.