Teenager murdered on way home from cinema

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Marsha McDonnell, 19, had finished her A-levels and was enjoying a gap year before starting university when she fell into Levi Bellfield's trap.

She was working at a gift shop in the Bentalls centre in Kingston and met up with friends after work in February 2003.

The pretty teenager and her friends went to see the Leonardo di Caprio film Catch Me If You Can.

Catching a well-lit number 111 bus back home to Hampton, she caught the eye of Bellfield, who was cruising around in a Vauxhall Corsa.

As Bellfield passed the bus and parked near a stop, the outline of the car was caught on CCTV footage in the vehicle and on other buses.

Police believe Bellfield rarely used public transport and did not realise that there are now cameras in most vehicles.

As the bus doors opened at 12.07am, Miss McDonnell, who had been waiting to get off, was illuminated even more by extra lighting.

As she walked to her family home a few feet away, she was approached by Bellfield and struck over the head with a hammer.

A neighbour heard a short scream and she lay dying in a pool of blood just after midnight.

Another neighbour, David Fuller, was woken by a "loud thud" which sounded like a car door slamming in front of his house in Priory Road, Hampton.

It was as he began drifting back to sleep about 15 to 20 minutes later that he heard moaning and spotted a pool of blood by a pillar near his front garden.

His wife Bernadette said: "I could see a pool of liquid running down the pavement.

"When I looked again there was a hand stretched out from the pool so we knew there was somebody there."

Mrs Fuller said they rushed outside. She said: "She was face down with her arm underneath her. Her other arm was stretched out in front of her and she clawed her arm backwards.

"She was obviously bleeding quite a lot. It was quite matted through her hair.

"Initially she made a low moaning sound but that stopped quite soon when I was first out there."

Mr Fuller said: "She was still moaning at that point and my wife was still trying to talk to her."

She died the following afternoon from severe brain injuries with her parents at her hospital bedside.