Ten biggest crime spots in England and Wales

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The launch of an interactive online map showing crime statistics for every street in England and Wales sparked such interest yesterday that it crashed just hours after its launch.

Interestingly enough users in London, Yorkshire, Humberside and Manchester were unable to access the site – which makes sense given that they are among the ten worst crime spots in the country.

To give you a hand in case the National Policing Improvement Agency’s site gets overloaded again we’ve compiled a list (by police force) of the ten worst areas statistically for crime in England and Wales.

London came out top (surprise surprise!) with Manchester next and Yorkshire and the north east faring pretty badly too. Sussex featured much higher on the list than it would have done last year following a staggering 29 per cent rise in crime overall. But in general the police stats suggest that crime rates are going down.

Click here or on the image above see view the ten biggest crime spots