'Terror manual' found in police raids

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Instructions on how to make bombs using parts from children's toys have been discovered by police during an anti-terrorist operation. A suspected terror manual found during the raids also details the production of poison dust clouds, counter-terrorist sources disclosed.

The discovery was made during a major operation yesterday by Greater Manchester Police aimed at suspected al-Qa'ida supporters. A number of addresses were raided in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Police are understood to have recovered computer files with details in Arabic providing instructions on how to make terrorist devices. These are understood to include using electronic parts from children's toys to make detonators. Other material details how to make a chemical bomb.

A source said: "We do not know at this stage what anyone was planning to do with this information."

Detectives are also believed to have found videos showing people in Iraq being beheaded and tortured. Police are also investigating a suspected money laundering and fraud scheme.

The findings follow a two month-long operation by Greater Manchester Police's anti terrorist unit and Special Branch. The addresses, in the Tonge Moor, Halliwell and Great Lever areas, were raided at about 7am by around 50 unarmed officers. A further 200 officers were working behind the scenes.

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Jones said: "We believe that the action taken today was absolutely necessary to minimise any risk to communities at home and abroad."

Police arrested two men in connection with the raids.