The moment police shot Woolwich suspects captured on video


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Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment two terrorists were shot as they charged police officers called to the scene after a soldier was hacked to death in the street.

The two men can be seen brandishing weapons in broad daylight as they confronted officers following the brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, in Woolwich.

The footage, obtained by the Daily Mirror and which appears to have taken from a nearby block of flats, shows the two men walking along a footpath before one splinters off and runs full speed towards a marked police car, dropping a bladed weapon as a voice shouts orders to him to "drop it".

Just inches before the man reaches the car officers shoot fire two shoots as they are getting out of the vehicle, and the man spins away and falls to the ground.

The second man sidles along a fence on the footpath, pointing what appears to be a gun at the officers, who surround the man lying prone on the floor.

Four more shots ring out, felling the second man, and another two shots are also fired as the men lie on the floor - eight shots in total.

Screams can be heard as the men are filmed on the ground and the officers swarm around the pair. One of the officers appears to drop a Taser stun gun and attempt to draw a weapon as they detain them.