The puffing QC the stars want on their side


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John Kelsey-Fry's successful defence of Harry Redknapp confirms his position as QC of choice for famous sporting figures who find themselves in the courts.

He was Steven Gerrard's brief in the Liverpool captain's acquittal for affray in 2009 and also acted on behalf of Kieren Fallon in his successful defence of race-fixing charges in 2007. He came highly recommended by Redknapp's contacts in the horse racing world.

Redknapp has paid handsomely for the services of Mr Kelsey-Fry QC – simply "Kelsey" to his clients – but has regarded it as money well spent.

During the trial, Kelsey-Fry spotted a mistake in the calculations of a Revenue officer summoned from Belfast and identified an error in the questioning of Redknapp by a detective.

One description of the QC on the website of his Cloth Fair Chambers described his courtroom style as "as natural as breathing". His penchant for slipping outside during breaks for a cigarette meant his interrogations were occasionally interrupted by a hacking cough.