Tools stolen in prison break-in

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Burglars made an unlikely decision to break into the grounds of a prison where they managed to make off with valuable equipment.

The thieves broke in through the perimeter fence at HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire before forcing open the door of a workshop, a spokesman for Derbyshire Police said.

It appears they managed to make a hole in the fence before stealing metalwork tools used by inmates at the open prison from one of the outbuildings in the grounds, he said.

Staff only discovered the break-in when they arrived for work and reported it to police just before 9am on Monday.

One prisoner, returning from day release to Sudbury, told the Derby Telegraph: "Everyone will find this hilarious."

Another inmate, also returning from day release, said: "How can they be expected to keep the prisoners in if they can't keep the burglars out?"

The thieves got away with oxyacetylene cylinders, hoses and tools.

Built as a hospital for the US Air Force for the D-Day landings, HMP Sudbury was converted to a prison in 1948 and currently houses 581 inmates.