Transport police have very British reaction to man 'threatening to blow up a train'

Individual was safely apprehended under the Public Order Act

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Transport officers in York have issued a very British response after a man threatened to blow up a northern-bound train.

The 42-year-old individual, who remains in police custody, was reportedly behaving in a “threatening and abusive manner” on board a Liverpool-bound train when officers were called at around 7.30pm.

British Transport Police officers apprehended the Leeds man under the Public Orders Act when the train stopped in York.  Following his arrest, the local York branch of the BTP tweeted out the following understatement:

Many on Twitter were quick to see the amusing side of the social media team’s droll approach to a potential worrying situation.

A British Transport Police spokesperson confirmed to The Independent that the man remained in custody but that the man’s threats were not considered “credible” and “the incident is being treated as a public order and not a counter terrorism matter.”