Two appear in court on charges of plotting bomb attacks in Britain

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Waseem Mughal and Younis Tsouli, both 22, appeared in court accused of conspiracy to murder and to cause an explosion.

One of the men is accused of possessing a video showing how to make a car bomb, while the other allegedly had a recipe for rocket propellants and guidance on causing an explosion. A piece of paper allegedly found in one of the bedrooms of a defendant contained the words "hospital = attack".

A DVD entitled "Martyrdom Operations Vest" was also allegedly possessed by one of the men.

A third man, Tariq al-Daour, 19, was also held over fund-raising offences under the Terrorism Act, in the hearing at Bow Street magistrates' court, London yesterday.

Mr Mughal and Mr Tsouli are also accused of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and other terrorism offences. They were arrested by anti-terror police last month and have been held for two weeks.

All three were remanded in custody to appear before the Old Bailey on 18 November. The three spoke only to confirm their names and dates of birth during the hearing. None of them is thought to be British-born.

The conspiracy to murder charge alleges that, before 31 October this year, Mr Mughal, Mr Tsouli and others conspired to murder a person unknown. The conspiracy to cause an explosion charge alleges that Mr Mughal and Mr Tsouli "unlawfully and maliciously" conspired to cause an explosion of a nature likely to endanger life in the UK.

All three men are charged with conspiracy to obtain money by deception. They are alleged to have conspired to obtain property from other people's credit cards.