Two police officers injured as 'man throws knives at officers' in London last night

Suspect has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

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A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, after allegedly throwing large knives at two police officers in London last night.

The officers, both male PCs aged 24 and 26, were called to Kingsland Road in Islington yesterday evening after reports of a disturbance on the quiet residential street.

Shortly after arriving at 18:10, the suspect approached the officers, before "throwing a number of large knives" at them, according to the Metropolitan police. He then proceeded to assault the PCs, before being restrained and arrested at the scene.

There was confusion last night among local residents, as the Met cordoned off the area, with rumours online that an officer had been stabbed.

Sergeant Gareth Schoorl, a neighbourhood officer in Islington, jumped online to ensure the local community were up to date with the unfolding incident.

In a statement, Detective Chief Superintendent Catherine Roper, Borough Commander of Islington, has labelled the man "extremely violent."

"This male attempted to seriously assault the officers," Roper continued, "including throwing knives at them in the street where other people were present."  Roper stated that the officers were able to detain the male 'without sustaining serious injury to him, other members of the public or themselves.'

With one officer sustaining a minor head injury and another receiving injuries to his face and body, both were taken to hospital to be treated. According to the Metropolitan police, the injuries are not thought to be serious.

As enquiries continue into the incident, road cordons are still in place in the surrounding area. No other arrests have been made in relation to the attack.

The suspect, who has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, remains in custody at a north London police station. According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the maximum sentence for attempted murder is life impisonmnet.