Unidentified body found washed up on beach near Southampton

Police have closed off the stretch of shoreline at Weston in Hampshire, and said officers are keeping an open mind as to how the remains got there

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Police have sealed off a stretch of shoreline near Southampton after a body was found washed up on the beach.

The remains were spotted by a dog walker at Weston in Hampshire at around 8.25am this morning.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said officers were looking through records of missing persons in the area in an attempt to work out who the dead person might be.

It is still not known whether the remains are male or female, the police said, and the remains have been removed to a hospital for a post-mortem examination which will take place later today.

“Whilst there is nothing at this time to indicate this is suspicious, officers will keep an open mind until results of the post-mortem are known and whilst inquiries continue,” the spokesperson said.

“Part of the foreshore will remain cordoned off whilst the area is searched. It will be reopened as soon as possible.”

The Southern Daily Echo reported that the area near the Weston Sailing Club had been closed off throughout the day and that the police cordons will remain in place while the surrounding shoreline is searched. The newspaper said it was not known when the area would be reopened.