Video appears to show 17-year-old boy being punched repeatedly by police

Northamptonshire Police are launching an investigation into the video

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Police are investigating a video that appears to show two officers beating a teenage boy.

The footage, which is circulating on social media, shows Tristan Perry, 17, being restrained by police in a bedroom.

“Put your hands behind your back, now!” one of the officers is heard to shout, to which Mr Perry responds “why are you punching me?” while punches appear to be thrown.

“Because you’re being a f***king di**head,” one of the officers appears to respond.

In a statement released by Northamptonshire Police, Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Swann said the force was taking the video and the allegations “extremely seriously” and launching a probe.

"We are aware of a short video circulating on social media allegedly showing Northamptonshire police officers,” she said.

“We take such allegations extremely seriously and immediately referred the matter to our professional standards department as soon as we became aware of it.

“An investigation is currently underway and as such it would be inappropriate for us to comment further while this takes place.”

The video appears to show Mr Perry being punched four times.

The mother of the boy, Jodie Lamb, told the website that Mr Perry’s family would be taking legal action against the police.

She said Mr Perry was not arrested and that she did not know why they were in the house, which was that of one of Mr Perry’s friends.

The video can be watched here.