Video: Driver captured travelling down busy motorway with snow-covered windscreen

The Greater Manchester Police condemned the driver's actions as 'reckless' and 'risky'

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A driver has been caught on video driving along a motorway in Manchester with the car’s windscreen almost entirely covered by snow.

The grey Renault was filmed by a fellow motorist’s backward-facing dashcam on Monday, as it travelled down the M60 to the west of the city’s centre.

In the video, we see the car travelling at around 50mph down the fast lane of the busy motorway.

On the vehicle's windscreen, a thick layer of snow can be seen severely obscuring the driver’s view.

In the video, a Jeep behind the Renault can be seen flashing its headlights in warning.

The Greater Manchester Police has condemned the driver’s actions, saying he had caused a “risk to other drivers”.

A police spokesman said: “Not only is this motorist a risk to themselves and a risk to others, the driver is committing a criminal offence by driving with an impaired windscreen.

”It takes just ten minutes to defrost a windscreen but a split second to cause a serious accident.“