Video: Heroic shopkeeper uses metal bar to fight off machete-wielding thief

The thief fled the shop after 63-year-old Muhammed ‘Max’ Maqsood hit him with a metal bar

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A heroic shopkeeper has been caught on CCTV fighting off a machete-wielding robber, armed only with a metal bar.

The owner of the shop, Muhammed ‘Max’ Maqsood, was left with an injury to his left-hand after being hit three times by the thief who tried to steal from the cash register of the Max & Sons newsagents in Eden Vale, Sunderland.

The footage shows the raider wearing a balaclava as he enters the shop, before he pulls out a machete from his back and uses it to threaten the shop’s 63-year-old owner.

Initially appearing to lead the thief to the cash register, Maqsood then pulls out a metal bar from behind his counter and begins trying to hit the robber with it.

A tussle then happens, which sees both men attempt to hit each other over the shop counter. The robber then decides to flee the shop, when Maqsood manages to land a heavy blow.

Following the incident, Northumbria Police said that the incident was very unusual in the area and that they were keen to talk to anyone who may have any information.

Acting Detective Sergeant Nick Lawrance, of Northumbria Police, said: "This sort of incident is extremely unusual in the area and I'd like to reassure people we're doing everything we can to trace the man in the CCTV.

"This is why we've released the images - we want people to let us know who this is. Someone out there will have information about who this is and I'd encourage them to get in touch with us, anonymously if necessary.

"Even if they think the information is insignificant it could be the vital piece we need."