Vincent Tabak 'sent emails discussing case'

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In the days following Joanna Yeates's death, Vincent Tabak sent a string of emails to his girlfriend discussing the police investigation, Bristol Crown Court heard today.

Tabak told girlfriend Tanja Morson that the police investigation was "horrible" and he hoped nothing bad had happened to their next door neighbour.

On December 21, Tabak emailed his girlfriend from work.

He wrote: "Hi gorgeous I am not sure why I am at work. Maybe not just be at home.

"Missing you, hope you are able to do some work. I am not sure what, if I am, going to tell my colleagues. Don't want to upset them too, its such a horrible thing to be thinking of.

"Maybe I'm just going to tell them that I'm not feeling okay which is somewhat the truth. Love you."

Later that morning he emailed Miss Morson again and said: "I'm so tired I can't really concentrate.

"Maybe its not too bad to have some distraction at work with being at home now I am not sure what to do. What do you think?

"Wish we could leave for Cambridge this evening and leave the mess behind. Missing you loads."

Miss Morson replied: "I don't feel funny about our home but I don't want to walk home alone or be at home alone.

"If I think something bad had happened in that flat then I really want to move asap.

"What with the keys and stuff still there that sounds more like someone leaving suddenly.

"If she had gone out for drinks etc and something happend on the way home she would presumbly have her bag and keys, so there is hope she will return home all of a sudden."

Tabak replied: "That I can imagine. I will make sure you are not home alone or have to walk alone.

"Let's hope nothing bad happend and she is discovered healthy and well today/tomorrow.

"I was also thinking that if something bad happend, I don't want to live there anymore. Too scary and we can always move in with Liz."

Later, Miss Morson emailed her boyfriend.

She wrote: "It's horrible. You read those stories but you don't expect to know the person.

"Of course Miss Yeates is missing at this time and it doesn't sound great and she was probably walking home after the Ram rather than walked off somewhere in error.

"I don't understand the possessions being left in the flat. Sometimes people do just leave their stuff behind by accident. Claire reguarly does that."

Tabak replied: "Indeed you don't expect that, I never met her really. But still horrible."

He added: "At least there is no sign of foul play, that is a slight relief. Let's hope she is found asap."

The following day Miss Morson emailed Tabak saying she had been looking online for news of the police investigation.

She added: "I'm expecting the family to make a TV appeal that usually happens."

Tabak replied, enclosing a link to a news website, and writing: "Apparently there has already been a press conference.

"Creepy. So they really think she left home by herself?

"Maybe its linked to the headaches she had.

"Shall we try minimise talking about it tonight? It really overwhelms me today and I wouldn't mind some distraction from it.

"If you want to talk about it, then that's of course fine."

On December 22, Tabak emailed his girlfriend and said: "Missing our zillion emails but I know you are very busy at work and I am missing you loads.

"Can't wait to pack and go to Cambridge and I will make sure I am at home on time today, so you don't have to be home alone."

On December 23, Miss Morson emails her boyfriend saying she is feeling "unsettled" by the police investigation.

Tabak agrees and replies: "I am feeling the same and a change of scenary will make a huge difference and I'm not able to check the news all the time."

She later emails him and says: "Don't read the latest BBC News its very upsetting. There is no news except she bought a pizza at Tesco and they can't find evidence of that in the flat, although her wallet and receipts are there.

"Her family and Greg are suffering so much, it is hard to read, I had to get up from my desk."

Tabak replied six minutes later: "Hi gorgeous, I read that story before I went out (to buy you a couple of presents).

"Indeed very upsetting. Didn't want to tell you. The whole situation is very mysterious. What happend with the pizza but of course, more importantly with her????"

Later that afternoon, Tabak emails Miss Morson and says: "Looking forward to seeing you later. I will try to be less upset and more cheerful. I think it would help if I read less news."

Source: PA