Violent muggers get life

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A violent serial mugger who throttled his victims before stripping them of their valuables to fund his addiction to crack cocaine has been jailed for life.

Daniel Mykoo, 29, was sentenced for 84 robberies, including one involving the fashion designer Nicole Farhi, who was attacked outside her home in north London last year. Another of his victims was the TV presenter Dani Behr, in 1999.

Mykoo's brother Matthew, 27, was found guilty of seven robberies and admitted two others. He was given an indeterminate life sentence with a minimum of nine years. Daniel must serve a minimum of 14 years. In total, they are believed to have collected cash and jewellery worth up to £1m.

Judge Nicholas Browne QC at Wood Green Crown Court described Mykoo as "the most prolific violent robber to be sentenced in London in recent years".