'Wifelets' fight over affections of Lord Bath

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A jealous "wifelet" of the practising polygamist Lord Bath has been arrested after fighting with a love rival.

Police were called to the 18th-century stately home of Longleat, Wiltshire, in the middle of the night following allegations of a serious domestic assault.

Officers found two female guests involved in a row over the affections of Alexander Thynn, the 79-year-old 7th Marquess of Bath. One was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm and the second was taken to hospital suffering cuts and a suspected broken nose.

A source said the two unnamed guests had been fighting over who "should sleep with the peer" that evening. He said: "The argument had clearly turned nasty but Lord Bath wasn't interested at all. As one of them pleaded their innocence over the bust-up he was overheard to remark 'You sort it out, I'm going to bed'."

Lord Bath, a descendent of the Roman historian Tacitus, is renown for his views on polygamy and has in the past referred to his many mistresses as his "wifelets". The eccentric millionaire's bedroom is covered in scenes from the Kama Sutra which he painted himself and he has often boasted about his numerous female admirers.

Asked in 2002 whether having several girlfriends under the same roof ever caused problems, the father-of-two replied: "Oh, no. Hopefully they might even fancy each other."

Wiltshire police confirmed the facts of the "altercation". It is unlikely any charges will be brought.