Woman filmed at the wheel of her car watching Celebrity Masterchef

Essex Police are investigating the incident

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A woman has been filmed allegedly watching reality television and enjoying a cup of tea at the wheel of her car on a busy Essex road.

The unidentified woman, driving a lime green Ford Fiesta, was filmed by Luke Page on the A127 in Essex towards London.

Mr Page, who claims the one minute 21 second video was taken during a traffic jam, exits his car and walks towards the woman’s vehicle in the short clip.

“She has got two pieces of technology attached the front of her car – a phone and a tablet - and she currently watching TV while she’s driving,” he tells viewers before confronting the woman.

When questioned by Mr Page, a professional driver, the woman denied watching television.

At the end of the video, as the woman winds up her window, Mr Page tells her: “Well done. You’re going on Facebook" – as a tablet screen behind her flickers with images from Celebrity Masterchef.

His video has already been viewed thousands of times since it was uploaded on YouTube and Facebook on Monday morning. It remains unclear when the video was recorded.

Essex Police told The Independent they were aware of the video and are “looking at it to determine whether any action will be taken.”