Woman left badly scarred after horrific acid attack in Romford


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A woman has been left with horrendous injuries after a stranger squirted acid into her face in an attack on her doorstep.

Tara Quigley, 28, was assaulted at her home in Romford after answering the door to an unknown caller who asked to speak to 'Michelle'.

He initially went away but subsequently returned around 30 minutes later to carry out the acid attack.

Miss Quigley’s family said today that Tara had been left badly burned and was terrified the man would return to attack again.

Her sister Tina told the London Evening Standard said: “She’s in a bad way. She’s really not too great."

“About a third of her face was badly burnt. She’s finding it very tough and struggling to come to terms with it."

“It’s really bad. She’s going to be left really badly damaged. I have been with her at the hospital ever since it happened. We just have no idea why anyone would want to do this.”

The attack follows a similar incident in east London earlier this year in which a Victoria's Secret worker, Naomi Oni, suffered severe facial burns after being squirted with acid on her way home from work.

Mary Konye, 21, was charged with the attack this week.   

Scotland Yard said there was no evidence the two incidents were linked.