Viewers were left in shock when a woman livestreaming on video site Periscope was mugged.

Rebecca Casserly, a fashion and beauty blogger, does a live broadcast every morning to her 56,000 followers. 

During her stream from a location in London, someone on a bicycle snatched her phone and rode off as she screamed. 

The live feed continued and some viewers were able to take screenshots of the assailant’s face.

Ms Casserly told The Independent she now feels nervous walking around London but added she had been overwhelmed from all the warm messages of support. 

“I feel very nervous now walking on the street in London because this happened so early in the morning at a time when I could never have expected it," she said.

“Since then I have been scared to my daily broadcast outside while walking on the street. Today I returned to Periscope but kept my coffee-scope indoors in a safe location.

“The response has been so over-whelming. My community on Periscope (the BoopTroop) have completely amazed me with their love and support.

"I have received hundreds of messages from all over the world and the support has really helped me return to Periscope and to get over the incident.”

Ms Casserly is a blogger and covers content and events relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.