Woman who spotted bombers tried to raise alarm

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A witness who spotted the bombers as they made their way into London told the inquest today she was not taken seriously when she tried to raise the alarm after hearing of the bombings.

Giving evidence, Susan Clarke said she attempted to relay her concerns to a parking attendant after she saw the group with rucksacks in the car park outside Luton railway station.

Mrs Clarke, who always logged details of her journey to work, said she noticed a maroon-coloured car and a "brand new lilac hatchback car with four wheel hubs missing, which was unusual for a brand new car".

She said this car was badly parked, slightly over the line, and she was shocked when the driver jumped out. "I was quite surprised there was someone there, I wasn't aware of anyone being there," she said.

As she walked past the group of men, wearing "casual clothing", she was particularly struck by the driver who appeared to be directing the others.

"He seemed to be in charge," she said.

On hearing the news later that day, she said she was prompted to go back to the car park.

She took pictures of the Nissan, observed it was a hire car and noted its ticket had expired.

She then tried to pass these details to an attendant.

When asked his reaction, she replied: "I think it was just, 'fussy old woman'."

"Did he suggest that you contact the police?" she was asked.

"I think that he said I could contact someone," she said.

Mrs Clarke told the inquest she was eventually able to pass on the information four days later, when she spoke to a policeman at St Pancras station.

She was then interviewed for about two-and-a-half hours.