Young drivers face tougher licence tests

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The driving test may be made tougher in an attempt to reduce high rates of accidents among young motorists.

The Government is also considering changes which could make it compulsory for prospective drivers to undergo some formal training before the test can be sat, the road safety minister, Stephen Ladyman, said.

Education in safe driving could be introduced into the school curriculum to counter the reckless attitude which some teenagers - particularly boys - have when they first get behind the wheel.

The Driving Standards Agency is looking at a range of possible changes to encourage better safety, and a consultation is expected to be launched later this year.

Mr Ladyman told The Times that the current system allowed would-be drivers to be taught the skills needed to pass the test without properly taking on the attitude needed to handle cars safely. He said: "We may need to start doing driver education while young people are still at school, introducing them to the rules, dangers and responsibilities of the road at a much earlier age."