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The road of the gun by Rafiq Sabi

I had a small blue sky The occupiers brought it down over me I had a little stream of dark blood, a bundle of honey dreams and a collection of books they plundered them all.

But when they came to change my skin deform my face I wore the snow and thunder carried my homeland on my shoulders and took to the road of the gun.

On Monday, Yasar Kemal, one of Turkey's most prominent writers, was arrested and charged with ``disseminating separatist propaganda'' and is now on bail awaiting his trial. He is one of many who have been charged in Turkey solely for their writing. RafiqSabi was born in 1950 in South Kurdistan and lives in exile in Sweden. He is one of the new generation of modernist Kurdish poets. This poem, translated by Kamal Mirawdeli, originally appeared in Anthology of Contemporary Kurdish Poetry (Kurdistan Solidarity Society and Yasar Ismail), published in December. It will be featured within a piece by Yasar Kemal, to be published at the end of the month by Index on Censorship.