Deregulation and Contracting Out Bill: Sweeping away regulations: plans for the short and medium term

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Simplify sports grounds safety rules.

Review historic monuments controls.

Extend late shop opening hours.

Overhaul Government's business statistics.

Legally redefine 'waste'.

End shops early closing rules.

Tighten local planning rules.

Streamline meat hygiene supervision.

Relax building society information rules.

'Electronic' filing of patents.

Repeal lodging house rules.

Revise hotels' liability laws.

Relax display rules on accomodation prices.

Repeal petrol station sign rules.

End supervision of small reservoirs.

Allow hairdressers in Scotland to open Sundays.

Permit slaughterwomen in Scotland.

Scrap pedlars' special certificate.

Revise gun barrel testing.

Revise sheep scab alerts.