DNA fingerprinting proves landowner was 'true father'

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A WOMAN who took legal action to stop the cremation of a wealthy landowner has successfully used DNA fingerprinting to prove that he was the father of her son, writes Steve Boggan.

Monica Jones and Wayne, the 23-year-old product of her romance with the landowner, Emlyn Jones in 1968, yesterday moved on to the pounds 100,000, 140-acre (56-hectare) farm that passed to Wayne when the DNA tests proved positive.

Emlyn's brother and sister-in- law, Billy and Carol Jones, who said they knew nothing of his affair or illegitimate son, have been forced to move off the land at Cynonville, West Glamorgan.

Monica Jones (the shared surname is coincidental) shocked Emlyn's family when she and her lawyers got permission from a coroner to delay the cremation last June in order to take samples for DNA testing. She told them of the affair, which had resumed in the years before Emlyn, a 57-year- old bachelor, died of a heart attack, but they refused to believe her. 'Emlyn and I had a year-long affair while I was divorcing my first husband,' Mrs Jones said yesterday. 'Things were very strict in those days . . . so I told my parents that Wayne was my first husband's son.

'I eventually told Wayne about his real father when he was 14. He took it very well and then, about three-and-a-half years ago, Emlyn and I met and the romance took off again. Unfortunately, he and Billy did not speak to each other for the last six years of his life, so Billy said he did not know we were living together.'

Mrs Jones, 42, said unemployed Wayne planned to farm the land. 'He and his father were very close,' she said. 'This is what Emlyn would have wanted.'

Billy Jones, 62, declined to discuss the case on the advice of his solicitor.

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