Dog owner's attacker jailed

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A 62-YEAR-OLD man who threw a bull terrier off the 17th floor of a tower block after being 'driven mad' by its barking was jailed yesterday.

The Old Bailey was told that armed with a meat cleaver, he held the dog's female owner in her flat in Brentford, west London, for 11 hours and indecently assaulted her.

Robert Barrett, for the defence, told the court: 'He had been driven mad by lack of sleep and the barking of the dog next door. He had written numerous letters to the council but to no avail. His control snapped and clearly the experience for the woman must have been a terrifying one.'

William Green, of Brentford, was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment; two years for false imprisonment, two years for indecent assault and 30 months for another indecent assault committed during the same incident, all to be served concurrently.

He was sentenced to two months, to be served consecutively, for destroying the dog.