Drink firms criticised over adverts

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TWO drinks companies have been criticised for their sexually explicit advertisements.

In the first case, the Advertising Standards Authority said the Bulmer cider firm was wrong to feature a photograph of a young couple embracing to advertise the Spanish beer, San Miguel.

The man's hand was on the woman's bottom along with the slogan 'Consumed with passion'.

The ASA, which upheld complaints about the advert, said that it 'could imply that consumption of the product led to success in the relationship'.

The company said the advert would not be used again.

In the second case the ASA received 10 complaints about a poster for Autumn Gold Cider that featured the torsos of a man and woman with large fig leaves covering their genitals.

The Taunton Cider Company said the poster was designed to be humorous, but the ASA said its 'reliance on sexual innuendo had undoubtedly offended the complainants'.

It was contrary to guidelines in the Code of Advertising Practice.