Driven to dance

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A car pulls up. Six women get out and start to dance. This surprises you somewhat as you are stood in the street in Crewe minding your own business. Four weeks later while visiting your brother-in-law in Limburg you have a similar experience. Who are these women and why are they driving around Europe and dancing in the streets? It's the Cholmondeleys and someone has given them a couple of Saab 9000s. The cars double as tour bus and set, as well as being the starting point for Lea Anderson's exploration of the car and its place in modern life. The dancers will dance in, on and around the Saabs in the streets and plazas of Britain and the Continent. What if it rains? No problem. Two contingency versions exist for bad light and bad weather. The Cholmondeleys approached a number of companies but Saab were the ones who came up with the goods: two gleaming saloons in metallic silver. In return Saab get their latest model's versatility demonstrated in city centres around the country. "The poster image is the front of a Saab with a Saab logo in the corner. It's not subtle branding,'' confides an insider. One gig will actually take place in the Saab showroom in Bristol. Unsuspecting car buyers will think it's half a dozen loonies in for a test drive. If you don't like it, you won't mind too much as all shows are completely free. They open in Crewe today and motor on until the end of August (or until the MOT runs out).

'Car' revs up at 5.30pm today in Crewe, then motors around the country (0171-383 3231)