Druid does battle over poll tax bill

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A DRUID who claims to be the reincarnation of King Arthur strode majestically into court yesterday with a red dragon emblazoned on his chest and carrying his 4ft sword Excalibur - to do battle over a poll tax bill.

Arthur Pendragon, 40, leader of the Loyal Arthurian War Band, carried his 7ft staff into court and wore his shoulder-length grey hair tied back with a pagan headband.

He appeared before Lord Tenby, a magistrate at Aldershot, Hampshire, to 'fight for the druid principles of truth, honour and justice' against Rushmoor Borough Council.

They claim he owes two years of poll tax on his one-bedroom flat in Farnborough.

But he could not pay the tax, he said, because he was a religious renunciate living without money.

Lord Tenby granted a liability order, with pounds 16 costs, after the council's solicitor said he might apply for Mr Pendragon to be sent to jail at a future hearing.