Dunblane massacre: A survivor describes the moment she was shot before hiding in a cupboard

Amy Hutchison recalls her experience for BBC’s Dunblane: Our Story, 20 years on after the mass shooting.

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On the morning of 13 March 1996, Thomas Hamilton walked into the gym at Dunblane Primary School and killed 16 children and one teacher before turning the gun on himself.

The former Scout leader took just three minutes to carry out one of the UK’s worst ever mass shootings, spraying four and five-year-old children with bullets as they gathered for a PE lesson.

Several survivors and relatives of the victims have spoken about the massacre for the first time for a BBC documentary, Dunblane: Our Story, 20 years on from the tragedy.


Amy Hutchinson, a pupil inside the gym, speaks about the moment she was shot in the leg.

“We were skipping around the gym hall. I don’t remember the pain of being shot. I don’t remember noises, sounds.

“I just remember my leg turning to jelly and falling to the floor, and then dragging myself to the gym cupboard where there were other people.”

Hamilton was armed with four handguns and 700 rounds of ammunition, sparking a ban on private handgun ownership in Britain.

Dunblane: Our Story is rebroadcasted on BBC Two at 23.15pm on Thursday.