Evangelist offers route to debt salvation

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MORRIS CERRULLO, the American evangelist accused of fraudulent healing claims, has written to British followers promising them supernatural deliverance from debt, writes Andrew Brown. All they have to do is to send him pounds 30 a month instead of their usual pounds 15 and God will do the rest, he claims.

'I am writing these words at 3.38am in London, England] That's why you can feel the annointing on these words. They are not the words of Morris Cerullo.' At this point, in fake handwriting, the mailshot carries the words 'I must obey GOD's will' printed in the margin.

'I am prepared to pay whatever price God asks me to, so you can experience an unprecedented DEBT CANCELLATION MIRACLE . . .' The way to experience this miracle is to pray over his paying-in slip. 'Lay your hands on the Miracle of Debt Cancellation Reply I have enclosed . . . Let the annointing flow into your life. Then, by faith, write down the amount you need to cancel all the debts in your life. Then ACT ON YOUR FAITH. Send your Miracle of Debt Cancellation harvest gift of pounds 30, or more as the Holy Spirit will lead you.'

'I think it's really disgusting,' said John Martin, editor of the Church of England Newspaper. 'It is targeting the most vulnerable people.'