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From Manet to Gauguin

What might at first seem like another of those predictably popular (and implicitly unchalleng- ing) exhibitions the RA does so well emerges as a great opportunity to see some hidden masterpieces of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. Highlights include Lautrec's The Two Friends, Gauguin's early Girls with Dogs and a transitional Van Gogh Peasant Woman. Royal Academy, London

From London

Did the School of London ever really exist? This and related questions are posed by this show which will travel around Europe, but not to its titular home. It's worth the trip to one of the venues, though, to catch this fine selection of works by Bacon, Freud, Kossoff, Auerbach, Kitaj and Andrews. In the face of the art itself all such questions become merely academic. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Lucian Freud

Freud began making etchings in 1946 and then, only two years later, stopped. Then in 1982, after three decades of pure painting, he made the first of 15 plates marking a renewed interest in a technique which seems particularly suited to his brand of earthy realism. This exhibition has almost every one of Freud's etched works, to accompany a new catalogue raisonee. Marlborough Graphics, London