Exotic, soft mixture adds a medieval touch to Martine Sitbon's Paris

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MODELS displaying outfits by Martine Sitbon, the French designer, who showed one of her softest and strongest collections for seasons at the Ecole des Beaux Arts on Paris's Left Bank, writes Tamsin Blanchard.

The Hollywood film star Christian Slater was among an audience which viewed an exotic mix of brocade, jet beading and gold lame items. Pyjamas and nightdresses were the canvas for intricate embroideries, pintucks and lace.

Trouser suits were floppy with crochet shirt cuffs flying, long skirts were double layered in soft muslin over matt black and tied at the hips with pyjama draw strings. The collection was crowned by heavy silver jewellery; wide chain belts and armlets gave a medieval feel.

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