Exploits of a dead rock star

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Out of The Blue Theatre director Andrew Spackman claims he has not received bad feedback from his new comedy Kurt Cobain is Dead. Well... not much. "I was at a club in Bournemouth last week when someone ripped the play poster from the wall, and said it was sick and disgusting. I wouldn't like it to get to the point where Kurt's death is exploited - I'd rather burn the script."

But capitalise on the demise of the grunge-rock superstar's suicide it does. Spackman, who also wrote and produced the rock play, reveals that Kurt Cobain doesn't actually warrant a mention. The premise includes a grunge band, yes; the lead singer has been murdered and is discovered hanging from the chain in a toilet. The other members want to find the murderer but, being disaffected slacker dudes, can't be bothered.

The seven-strong student cast aren't professional actors, either. The music is an equal priority with them and Spackman, 27, describes the 90- minute play as an enhanced gig experience. The Out Of the Blue members, aged between 20 and 30, say the work is not supposed to be studied too seriously. But what do you say to people who reckon this is sheer opportunism?

"Kurt's whole death has been exploited," Spackman reasons. "People who are offended should get a life. I'm sad he's dead, that he was depressed, but there was genocide in Rwanda and less fuss about that. People should get things into perspective."


'Kurt Cobain is Dead', Windsor Arts Centre, St Leonard's Rd, Windsor (01753 859336) 8pm 1 Jul