Facebook is 10: What you love (and hate) about the second-biggest site in the world


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Facebook is ten, a birthday which feels ageing to all of us.

Despite controversy over Facebook’s policies on privacy and censorship, we’ve been liking and sharing for a decade now.

It’s where many of us find our favourite news stories, announce our engagements, update our job status and post our holiday pictures.

A lot of what makes the site so brilliant is the humans who use it (arguably this is what makes using Facebook so annoying at times too).

Facebook has ignited campaigns and reunited families as well as provided trolls with an easy platform to peddle their hatred. Some say we waste too much time on the site, that it is bad for our mental health and promotes envy. Yet some housebound users celebrate its connectivity and want to see what their friends are up to.

Whatever you feel about the social media behemoth, there’s a reason it’s the second most visited site in the world.

We asked you what you liked and disliked (crowd-sourced from Facebook of course). This is what you told us.